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Grocery – Fred Carroll 1994

Witness to change in the grocery industry. For ten years, from 1973 to 1983, I worked as a grocery clerk. My work in this industry included assignments in various store departments, liquor, receiving, delicatessen, frozen food, sundries, and night stocking crew. In this time I worked both full and part-time, on all shifts and, surviving […]

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Journeymen Electricians – John Brining – 1993

I have worn many hats: journeyman, foreman, instructor, and union official.  I began my career fresh out of the Air Force in 1970 as an Apprentice Wireman. After having completed 8,000 hours of on-the-job training and 400 hours of related classroom instruction, I graduated to journeyman status. Soon after receiving my journeyman “ticket” I had […]

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Tire Plant – Dan Bailey 1993

A witness to change. I have been employed at this plant for eighteen years.  When I hired on at this plant it was owned by Firestone and was non-union. I have witnessed and actively participated in the work force when it was organized by the United Rubber Workers (URW) Local 1055. I was one of […]

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Levi Strauss Plant, – Suzanne Coile 1992

I could get a job at the factory and work for three years, then quit. The house my husband and I bought was two blocks from the largest Levi Strauss & Company plant in North America. Our house payment was going to be a little less than we previously had been paying for our apartment. […]

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Flight Attendants – Amy Grubbe 1992

Experience, survey, discussions. Much of this study is based on my own personal knowledge since I have been a flight attendant for nine years.  My observations and discussions with my flying partners and friends are also included. In addition, the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), AFL-CIO, of which I am a member, conducted membership surveys […]

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