Submit a Story

How to submit a story

All stories should be saved in Word and sent by email to the editor at  Receipt of your story will be acknowledged by email. The editor may send you suggestions or ask for changes.


What should the story be about?

The best way to get an idea of what stories are right for OurLifeAtWork is to read a few of the stories currently on the site. Some are more personal than others. Some go into some detail on how the work gets done. Others focus more on how people relate to each other, to other employees, supervisors, and customers.  Others tell stories about how an accident, a job action, or other event changed things.

The choices are many.  But, the key thing is that we are asking writers to be thoughtful, to ask and answer questions about what the job means to them, about how things really happen on the job, and maybe why things happen in the way they do.

The editor may accept a story as is, ask for revisions, or reject submissions. Comments on stories will be screened.